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2009 Trinidad Carnival Mas Camps


The best smile at Kid's Carnival

The best smile at Kid's Carnival

© Bob Curley
Anra Bobb and Friends (Junior Carnival Mas Band) 2009 Presentation: 'TBA' Mas Camp Location: 11 Massey Street, Cocoyea A

Carvalho Mas (Glen & Charmaine Carvalho) 2009 Presentation: 'The Journey Begins' Mas Camp Location: 73 Ariapita Avenue (Alsaka Bar) Tel: 868-622-8811

D Krewe 2009 Presentation: 'IERE' Mas Camp Location: # 62 Warren Street, Woodbrook Mas Camp Hours: N/A Tel: 868.622.8834 | 868.622.1716 Email: info@dkrewecarnival.com Website: www.dkrewecarnival.com

Dream Team TnT 2009 Presentation: 'One' Mas Camp Location: 40 Alberto St, Woodbrook, Trinidad, W.I. Mas Camp Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm to 8pm, Sat 12pm to 6pm Tel: (868) 756-2449 or (868) 684-3693 Email: dreamteamtnt@hotmail.com Website: www.dreamteamtnt.com

Elements Carnival 2009 Presentation: 'CASINO ROYALE' Mas Camp Location: N/A Mas Camp Hours: N/A Tel: N/A Email: elementscarnival@gmail.com Website: www.elementscarnival.com

Evolution Carnival 2009 Presentation: 'TEMPTATIONS' Mas Camp Location: 73A Ariapita Ave, Woodbrook Mas Camp Hours: Mon-Fri 4pm-midight | Sat 1pm-8pm | Sun closed Tel: 868-681-3512 | 868-333-4379 | 416-565-4079 | 416-676-6504 Email: fortressnorth@hotmail.com Website: www.evolution-carnival.com

Genesis 2009 Presentation: 'Glitz & Glamour of Vegas' Mas Camp Location: #6 Picton St., Newtown, P.O.S. Mas Camp Hours: Mon-Fri 11am - 7pm, Sat 2pm- 8pm Tel: 868.622.8060 Email: N/A Website: www.genesiscarnival.com

Gerard Kelly (Kids Band) 2009 Presentation: 'Shades of White' Mas Camp Location: 237 Western Main Road, Cocorite Mas Camp Hours: Mon - Fri 5-7pm | Sat 2-7pm Tel: (868) 742-7530 or (868) 628-1620 Email: kellyg_tnt@yahoo.com Website: www.gerardkellycarnival.com

House of Eagle 2009 Presentation: 'The First Nation' Mas Camp Location: TBA Mas Camp Hours: TBA Tel: TBA Email: trinmas@hotmail.com Website: TBA

ImageNation 2009 Presentation: 'Coral Reef' Mas Camp Location: 39 Buller St, Woodbrook POS Mas Camp Hours: Tel: (868) 628-9253 Email: imagenationltd@gmail.com Website: www.ImageNationLtd.com

Island People 2009 Presentation: 'Heaven on Earth' Mas Camp Location: 11 Stone Street, Port Of Spain Mas Camp Hours: N/A Tel: (868) 625-1FUN (1386) Email: info@islandpeoplemas.com Website: www.islandpeoplemas.com

Kaotic (Premium All Inclusive Band) 2009 Presentation: 'Life Unleashed' Mas Camp Location: 55 Gallus Street, Woodbrook, POS Mas Camp Hours: Mon-Fri 11am to 7pm, Sat noon to 7pm Tel: 868-628-4764 , 868-681-6456 , 868-788-2445 , 868-739-5303 , 416-843-4215 Email: hflharbin@kaoticcarnival.com Website: www.kaoticcarnival.com

Legacy 2009 Presentation: 'Shanghai Dream - Kingdom of the Dragon' Mas Camp Location: 88 Robert Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad Mas Camp Hours: Mon - Sat: 11am - 7pm Tel: (868) 622-7466 Email: info@legacycarnival.com Website: www.legacycarnival.com

MacFarlane Carnival 2009 Presentation: 'AFRICA - Her People, Her Gloru, Her Tears' Mas Camp Location: 49 Rosalino Street, Woodbrook Mas Camp Hours: 11am-8pm. Mon to Sat | 3pm-8pm Sun & Holidays Tel : (868) 625-8931 Email: macfarlanecarnival@gmail.com Website: www.macfarlanecarnival.net

Masquerade Carnival (Earl Patterson) 2009 Presentation: 'Let the Music Play' Mas Camp Location: 19 DeVerteuil Street Mas Camp Hours: N/A Tel : (868) 623-2161 Email: N/A Website: N/A

Pulse 8 2009 Presentation: 'Hot Hot Hot .... Sizzle and Burn' Mas Camp Location: #6 Gallus Street, Woodbrook (next to Wrightson Road) Mas Camp Hours: Tel: (868) 627-8330 Email: info@pulse8carnival.com Website: www.pulse8carnival.com

Ronnie & Caro Carnival Band 2009 Presentation: 'Bakkanal' Mas Camp Location: 112 -114 , Picton Street, Newtown Mas Camp Hours: Mon to Sat 10:00am-8:00pm | Sun 1:00pm-6:00pm Tel: (868) 781-7651 Fax: (868) 629-4112 Email: ronnieandcaro@yahoo.com Website: www.ronnieandcaro.com

Rosalind Gabriel (Kids Band) 2009 Presentation: 'National Pride / Our Native Land' Mas Camp Location: # 26 O'Connor Street, Woodbrook, Trinidad, W.I. Mas Camp Hours: Mon to Fri 2pm-7pm | Sat 11am-6pm | Sun 1:30pm-6pm Hours will be extended in January Tel: (868) 628-8055 Email: rgabriel@tstt.net.tt Website: www.rosalindgabriel.com

Spice Carnival 2009 Presentation: 'The Missing Ingredient' Mas Camp Location: N/A Mas Camp Hours: N/A Tel: N/A Email: N/A Website: www.spicecarnival.com

Spoilt Rotten Kids (Christine Nunes Kids Band) 2009 Presentation: 'The Forbidden City' Mas Camp Location: 1a Ridgewood Apartments, Maraval Mas Camp Hours: N/A Tel: 868-632-9664 , 868-695-7551 Email: webmaster@carnival-children.com Website: www.carnival-children.com

Trevor Wallace & Associates 2009 Presentation: 'Dance Yuh Dance' Mas Camp Location: 2 George Cabral Circular St. James Tel : (868) 628-4185 Email: playmas@trevorwallacemas.com Website: www.trevorwallacemas.com

Tribe (Dean & Monique Ackin) 2009 Presentation: 'Birds of A Feather' Mas Camp Location: 20 Rosalino St. Woodbrook Mas Camp Hours: Sat. 12pm - 4pm Only Tel: 868-625-6800 Email: info@carnivaltribe.com Website: www.carnivaltribe.com

Trini Revellers (Geraldo Vieira Jr.) 2009 Presentation: 'Sweet TnT...Tribute to T&T' Mas Camp Location: 35 Gallus Street, Woodbrook Mas Camp Hours: (Mon to Sat) Noon-10 pm / (Sun) Noon to 8 pm Tel: (868) 625-1881 Email: info@trinirevellersmas.com Website: www.trinirevellersmas.com

Young Harts 2009 Presentation: 'The Persian Empire' Mas Camp Location: 5 Alcazar Street, St. Clair Tel: (868) 622-8038 Email: harts@hartscarnival.com Website: www.hartscarnival.com

Wee International 2009 Presentation: 'Candy Shop' Mas Camp Location: 161 Tragarete Road Tel: 868-789-4045 Email: wee.carnival@hotmail.com Website: www.weeinternational.com

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