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Travel, trip, holiday and vacation guides to Caribbean travel for special interest groups, including couples, families, gay and lesbian traveler, solo travelers, business travelers, meetings and conventions, and travelers interested in casinos and gaming.
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Top Caribbean Ecotourism Destinations
Travelers tend to think of all Caribbean islands as verdant and lush, but some Caribbean destinations are decidedly "greener" than others. Dominica, for example, has a well-earned reputation as the Nature Island of the Caribbean, while Bonaire is known for its pristine marine environment and Costa Rica and Belize are among the top ecotourism destinations in the world. As for eco-resorts, the ones…

Top Spooky, Scary and Haunted Attractions and Legends of the Caribbean
With its long history of pirates, shipwrecks, slavery, and even blood sacrifices, the Caribbean is rife with ghost stories and haunted history. If you're visiting the Caribbean around Halloween or just need a little scare any time of year, you're bound to encounter more than your share of zombies, jumbies and other astral fellow travelers...

The Seven Manmade Wonders of the Caribbean
A listing of the greatest manamde achievements in the Caribbean, from the Panama Canal to the Mayan cities of the Mexican Coast and the history of Old Havana.

The Seven Natural Wonders of the Caribbean
A list of the most fascinating and beautiful natural sights in the Caribbean.

VolunTourism -- How To Decide If Volunteer Travel Is For You
A growing number of teens on spring break, baby boomers and well-traveled seniors are taking volunteer vacations to help causes abroad or in the U.S. Feeding African lion cubs, building homes in a Third World country, or helping preserve Caribbean reefs while diving -- all are forms of Voluntourism.

Caribbean Volunteer Travel Opportunities
We all know a good Caribbean tan can make you look good, but how about a trip to the tropics that also can make you feel good about yourself? Socially conscious travel has become increasingly popular among students and others who want to give some of their free time to helping others. Volunteer travel in the Caribbean provide an opportunity to...

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in the Caribbean!
At first blush, the idea of celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Caribbean sounds as incongruous as, say, a tropical shirt in Dublin. But while you'll find nary a green beer in the islands, and you're more likely to find cassava that potatoes, the Caribbean does have a few hot spots of Irish heritage and culture.

Super Bowl in the Sand
The only thing better than rooting for your favorite football team to win the Super Bowl is doing it with a tropical drink in your hand on a beach in the Caribbean. For 2007, resorts in Aruba and Barbados are hosting special Super Bowl events for American football fans.

A Guide to Jimmy Buffett's Caribbean
Jimmy Buffett, American's party pirate-in-chief and unofficial ambassador to all things tropical, has lived in, traveled in, and written many songs about the Caribbean. If you're a Parrothead, or just want a taste of the carefree life celebrated by Buffett in his music, here's a guide to walking in some of Jimmy's sandy footsteps...

Bond, James Bond: Travel Agent 007
Spy out some of the secret agent 007's favorite haunts in the Caribbean.

Pirates of the Caribbean Tours
Ever dreamed of being a pirate or perhaps Johnny Depp? Depp brings Captain Jack Sparrow back to life for the much-anticipated Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, At World's End, and it's the perfect time to explore some of the real-life Caribbean destinations where the Disney films were shot.

Top 10 Destination Wedding Locations
Caribbean island feature prominently in the Top 10 list of Popular Wedding Destinations compiled by About.com's Honeymoons guide Susan Breslow Sardone.

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