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Planning an All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation for Singles and Solo Travelers

All Inclusive Resorts That Cater to Single Travelers


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Singles are usually more budget-conscious travelers, partly because they tend to be younger. They don't want to have to come up with any extra money because typically they don't have any. That makes singles ideal candidates for an all-inclusive vacation at a resort like the Breezes Resort and Spa Trelawny in Falmouth, Jamaica or the independent Sunset Beach Resort in Montego Bay, which offer budget inclusive packages without a lot of frills.

Sandals also recently introduced a new "value-oriented" brand, Grand Pineapple Beach Resorts, with properties in Antigua and Jamaica priced 35-55 percent lower than other Sandals and Beaches resorts.

The Dominican Republic also has many budget-priced all-inclusive resorts.

For singles interested mostly in drinking and lying on the beach, a budget all-inclusive may be all you need. Singles like all-inclusives because alcohol is included and the single supplement tends to be lower than on a cruise ship. To help keep costs down, look for a resort that will allow four guests in a room. Properties in Montego Bay and Cancun are popular with singles because they offer the nightlife that single travelers often crave.

Resorts with swim-up pool bars and lots of organized activities also are popular with singles. 

Security can be a big concern for solo travelers, especially women. The Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and more upscale destinations like St. Barts are particularly known for their safety.

Finally, younger, more inexperienced travelers like an all-inclusive vacation because it minimizes the amount of planning and arrangements they need to make on their own in an unfamiliar destination.

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