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Caribbean Weekend Getaways


Caribbean Weekend Getaways

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The next time you're looking for a weekend getaway, why not head to the islands rather than piling into the car for a drive up to the lake? If you live in the eastern U.S. or Canada, the Caribbean can be a viable (and affordable) weekend destination!

The keys to a good weekend getaway destination in the Caribbean are simple:

Location: You don't want to spend half of your weekend getaway on a plane, so the best weekend getaways are either close to the U.S. or have quick flight connections -- ideally, three hours or less by air.

Caribbean Flight Times from U.S. Cities

Transportation: The more airlines serving your destination, the more flight options you'll have. Popular destinations also have more nonstop service, meaning quicker flight times.

Cost: More competition among airlines usually equals cheaper airfares, especially in markets serviced by low-cost carriers. Ditto for destinations that have multiple resorts vying for your business. You don't want to break the bank for a few days away, even if they are spent basking in the Caribbean sun.

Compare Prices for Caribbean Air Travel

Convenient hotels and attractions: Getting to the airport is only half the battle; once you arrive at your destination, you don't want to be spending more time in a bus or shuttle trying to get to your hotel. And once at your hotel, you won't want to be spending your precious weekend hours driving to far-off attractions.

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