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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico destination guide, including our picks for the island's best budget and luxury hotels and resorts, restaurants, attractions, beaches, nightlife, events and shopping.
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Travel to the Caribbean: Puerto Rico Island Guide
It’s hard to believe that a destination this exotic is not only close to the United States (2.5 hours from Miami) but a part of it. When you travel to Puerto Rico, you’ll discover gorgeous white sandy beaches, delicious food, fascinating Spanish history, and extraordinary natural attractions that include a rain forest and a bay where you can...

Puerto Rico Airports and Flights
Looking to travel to Puerto Rico? Use this list of all commercial airports in Puerto Rico to book a flight to the city that's most convenient to your destination.

Caribbean Weekend Getaways
Improved air service is making Bermuda, Puerto Rico and the Bahamas all great options for a weekend Caribbean vacation getaway!

Map of the Caribbean Islands of Puerto Rico
Map of the Caribbean Islands of Puerto Rico

Planning Your Puerto Rico Vacation
Thinking about making Puerto Rico your Caribbean vacation destination? Good choice! There is much to see and do here, and many diverse experiences to enjoy.

Puerto Rico Geography and Maps
Assorted maps of Puerto Rico.

Ten Things You Probably Didn't Know About Puerto Rico
Visitors to Puerto Rico tend to have a general idea of what to expect from the island: great beaches, a sizzling nightlife, and all the advantages of a premier Caribbean travel destination. But here are a few things you may not know about Puerto Rico ... fun facts and quirky tidbits that add to its unique allure. Take a look: I bet there's at least one surprise on the list.

Safe Puerto Rico - How Safe is Puerto Rico?
As far as tourism goes, the Caribbean is one of the safest destinations on the planet. Does that mean you have absolutely nothing to worry about when you visit Puerto Rico? Not exactly; after all, no place on Earth can guarantee your safety. But here are a few frequently asked questions that will keep you a bit more informed about staying safe and enjoying a worry-free vacation on the island.

Puerto Rico Budget Travel Tips
Puerto Rico has it all: lush, impressive mountains, unspoiled beaches and islands, historical sites and tropical rain forests. San Juan offers the Caribbean's best selection of restaurants, hotels and clubs. It can be expensive, especially in the city, but here are five tips for budget travelers seeking to enjoy this Eastern Caribbean tropical paradise.

A Day in Fajardo - Spend a Day in Fajardo
Puerto Rico's boating capital, Fajardo is known both for its variety of boating activities and as a gateway to Vieques and Culebra Islands. But this place is more than just the sum of its marinas. A day trip to Fajardo will show you a picturesque national park, a breathtaking beach, terrific local food, and a magical nighttime excursion into a glow-in-the-dark biobay.

7 Days in Paradise: An Itinerary for Your Puerto Rico Vacation
A step-by-step itinerary to some of the island's best lodging, dining, shopping, and recreational destinations.

How to Spend Three Days in Puerto Rico
So you've decided to spend a weekend in Puerto Rico. Three days is enough to see plenty, but nowhere near enough to see it all. How should you allocate your time? Relax; we've got you covered.

Puerto Rico Facts and Figures
Some basic geographic and demographic information about Puerto Rico.

Travel Time to Puerto Rico from Major U.S. Cities
How close are you to Puerto Rico? This list shows length of travel from major cities in the U.S. to San Juan's Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.

Puerto Rico Tourism Company
Official tourist website of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
Oriented toward meeting planner, this site includes information on dining, lodging, attractions, and meeting facilities.

Puerto Rico Travel Guide - Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing in Puerto
The New York Times' travel guide to Puerto Rico.

CIA World Factbook on Puerto Rico
Includes information on Puerto Rico's geography, government, economy, transportation, military, and people.

Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association
The website of Puerto Rico's hospitality industry includes dining information and a link to Bienvenidos magazine.

Chasing Down Panama Hats in Old San Juan
Shop in old San Juan sells high-priced Panama Hats

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