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Travel information on the Central American nation of Panama, home to the world-famous Panama Canal, which links the Caribbean with the Pacific Ocean.
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Panama Travel Guide
Panama is so much more than its famed canal. The country’s curvy, narrow land mass serves as a physical—and cultural—land bridge between North and South America. But despite its global significance, Panama is often overlooked by tourists.

Overwater Villas in the Caribbean
There's something magical about spending your vacation in a villa that does beachfront one better, with accommodations that perch directly above the water. Imagine going to bed with the gentle sounds of the sea all around you, then waking up to colorful tropical fish swimming under your feet and sea birds coasting in for a landing on your...

The Panama Canal in Panama - Panama Canal Cruises and History
Panama travel is incomplete without visiting one of mankind's greatest accomplishments: the Panama Canal. The Panama Canal splits the Panama isthmus and unites the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, allowing ships to pass through.

Travel to Panama and Panama City on a Budget
The entrenched free-market economy and easy lifestyle of Panama City have drawn an increasing number of American corporate headquarters to what was the first European settlement on the Pacific coast of the Americas. With more than a million metropolitan residents, the city is now a big international banking community, as well as home to a large number of service employees affiliated with the nearby Panama Canal. Nevertheless, Panama City is still, on the whole, a reasonably priced travel destination. Here are some smart ways to enjoy this vibrant city without blowing your budget.

Panama Canal Photo Gallery
Crossing the isthmus of Panama on a cruise ship through the Panama Canal is a memorable experience for anyone. Over 56,000 people built the Panama Canal between 1904 and 1913, and it has been a memorial to exceptional engineering and human perseverance for almost 100 years.

Coral Lodge, Panama
San Blas Islands eco-resort offers overwater bungalows with unspoiled views of Panama's Caribbean sea and diving right from your doorstep.

Panama Beaches - The Beaches of Panama
Long, serpentine Panama merges the Pacific with the Caribbean. It's no surprise Panama's islands and mainland beaches are practically flawless -- some of the best in Latin America, by far.

Photos of the San Blas Islands in Panama
The San Blas Islands of Panama -- also known as the Kuna Yala Islands, or the Kuna Yala Archipelago -- is a remote group of islands located off Panama's Caribbean coast. The San Blas Islands are part of Kuna Yala, an autonomous territory inhabited by the Kuna indigenous people.

Panama Food - Panama Food and Drink
If you're traveling to Panama for the first time, you're probably curious about Panama food. Because of Panama’s diverse Spanish, American, Afro-Caribbean and indigenous influences, Panamanian cuisine ranges from the familiar to the ultra-exotic. Be sure to follow the links for savory Panama recipes and other information about Panama food and drink.

Review of The Coronado Golf and Beach Resort, Panama
The Coronado Golf & Beach Resort is nestled on the shores of the Pacific Ocean less than an hour away from Panama City, Panama. The Hotel Coronado is situated on a stretch of private beach and boasts of the only professional Fazio designed, 72 par, 18 holes golf course in the region. The recently opened executive golf course features 9th holes, all of them par 3s, designed to encourage and develop the game of golf guests who would like to practice or learn to play golf. This executive golf course is also perfect for corporate golf tournaments where the participants can relax after a day of meetings.

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