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Spa at Secrets Wild Orchid Jamaica is wet and wonderful

Myriad of hydro treatments available at Secrets Spa by Pevonia


Hydrotherapy circuit at Secrets in Jamaica

Water in all its therapeutic forms await visitors at the Spa by Pevonia at Secrets all inclusive in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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The Spa by Pevonia at the Secrets all-inclusive resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica is a watery wonderland of treatment options. When you first walk in, a veritable work of water art greets you. It is a place of Zen fountains all around, laid out in a sequential way to optimize your experience, the entire layout called the hydrotherapy circuit. Treatments within (massages, facials, etc.) carry their own prices, but for $55 Secrets guests at either the Wild Orchid or St. James resorts (they are side by side under the Secrets umbrella) can avail themselves of just this portion of the spa. (Those paying Preferred Guest rates get this part for free.)

There is a massive pool on one side of the facility, with steel-roller chaise lounges underwater and bubbles raging up from below; when you lie on one, it's a watery massage all by itself. The pool also has standing stations where other jets of water blast from various places to encompass you in a bubbly froth of warm, soothing fluidity. On one side of the pool, you can activate two jets of water -- one a forceful fire-hose like concentration, the other a sheeting fan affect -- and stand under each one as the water pounds your shoulders, neck and back into sublime submission. I've visited a lot of spas and have never seen anything like this, the force of the water is so strong and comforting, when it suddenly stops (they are timed for a few minutes), the sudden absence makes you stumble backwards.

From there, you can get out and take a waist-deep dip into an icy cold plunge pool, sure to open your pores. To one side is a foot-bath path, going from cold to hot, a slow, steady pace that is absolutely invigorating. There is also a most soothing Jacuzzi that seats eight, and cold-water showers that will definitely get your pulse racing.

A relaxation area has sculpted chaises that follow the contours of your reclined body; a juice, fruit and cookie bar is nearby. This part of the spa is where you're supposed to relax before you get your massage, but to be honest, just hanging in theis beautiful place would be more than enough for me.

MNontheless, I went for one of a dazzling array of treatments, opting for a 50-minute, $130 Swedish massage that was hands-down (pun intended) one of the best I've ever had -- long, luxurious, and completely relaxing in one of spa's massage cabins. Other intriguing-looking options were the chocolate body wrap, caviar hand treatment, and papaya and pineapple pedicure. Perhaps next time.

The Spa by Pevonia
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