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Montserrat Volcano Tour


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Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility
Montserrat Volcano Tour

View of Bramble Airport ruins from Jack Boy Hill, Montserrat.

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Jack Boy Hill is the most visitor-friendly place to observe the Soufriere Hills volcano. The modern visitor's center -- designed by a visiting Japanese architect who also helped build homes for displaced residents after the destruction of Plymouth -- includes a snack bar and barbecue area and can be used for events, including nighttime viewings when the volcano sometimes glows with pyroclastic fire and smoking boulders can be seen tumbling down the flanks of the cone. During the day, this is the best vantage point of the ruined W.H. Bamble Airport, where a pyroclastic flow swept down to the sea in 1997, killing 19 people who had failed to leave the danger zone. The burned-out remains of the airport's control tower and terminal building can be clearly seen from Jack Boy Hill; the runway also is visible, although half covered in debris.

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