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March Travel in the Caribbean

Monthly Caribbean Travel Guide


March Travel in the Caribbean

Montserrat St. Patrick's Day masks

Montserrat Tourist Board

March Weather in the Caribbean

Weather-wise, it's hard to beat March in the Caribbean, where the days average about 83ºF and it only drops to about 73ºF at night, and rainstorms tend to be few and far between except perhaps in Bermuda, which gets an average of 4.3 inches of rain in March.

Visiting the Caribbean in March: Pros

By this point in the year, most people up north are sick of winter, so it's no surprise that March is so popular for Caribbean travel. The weather is dependably warm and dry, and the time is right to head to the islands if you have time off from work or school around Easter or Spring Break.

Visiting the Caribbean in March: Cons

March is the height of the high season in the Caribbean, and you'll generally pay the highest prices of the year to fly and stay in the Caribbean during this month.s Spring Breakers start arriving in Caribbean destinations during March -- notably in Cancun and Cozumel, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and the Dominican Republic, but other islands, too. Choose your destination carefully if you want to avoid a frat-party atmosphere.

What to Wear and What to Pack

This is dry season in the Caribbean, so moisturizer is more important than ever (lip balm, too). Light cotton clothing for daytime, and a sweater or sweatshirt for evening. For more details, see my article on How to Pack for a Caribbean Trip.

March Events and Festivals

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in only a couple of islands -- notably Montserrat and St. Croix -- but makes for a unique and memorable Caribbean experience. The Caribbean is a very Catholic region, so there's also any number of Easter celebrations in the islands when the holiday falls in March. For more information, see my guide to Top March Events in the Caribbean.

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