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Monthly Caribbean Travel Guides

What's the best time of year to visit the Caribbean? What will the weather be like, how much will it cost, and what will be happening when I get to the islands? These questions and more are answered in my month-by-month guides to Caribbean travel.
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Thanksgiving in the Caribbean
A wise person once said that gratitude is the best attitude, so this Thanksgiving why not gather the flock around the table in the sunny Caribbean -- a destination that's sure to please even grumpy Uncle Ned. Family and food define this uniquely American holiday, and Caribbean destinations make it easy to plan a sumptuous gathering at a fine resort, a private villa, or onboard a Caribbean…

Information on Caribbean Travel for Each Month of the Year
Planning a Caribbean vacation doesn't end with picking an island: you also need to figure out when to take your vacation. Fortunately, the weather in the Caribbean is delightful year-round (except for the occasional tropical storm or hurricane), but rates do vary seasonally, and of course every month brings its own unique events and festivals that you'll want to factor into your travel an…

Earth Day in the Caribbean
The nations of the Caribbean are a wonderful storehouse of environmental beauty, but the islands and delicate reefs of the region are also under threat from global warming and pollution. Whether you are visiting for Earth Day in April or any time of the year, take the opportunity to experience wildlife reserves, parks and other attractions and lend a helping hand to Mother Nature by patronizing g…

Easter in the Caribbean
Christianity -- and especially Catholicism -- is the dominant religion throughout the Caribbean, and many island residents are quite devout. So, despite the revelry associated with the pre-Lentin Carnival, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday tend to be solemn occasions in the Caribbean. With its emphasis on family, however, spending...

Celebrate Christmas and New Years in the Caribbean
Like Christians all over the world, Caribbean residents regard Christmas as a joyful time of faith and put their own unique spin on the celebration of Christ's birth. New Year's Eve, on the other hand, is a secular soiree, and where better to watch the sun come up on a new year than a Caribbean beach?

St. Patrick's Day Parties in the Caribbean
At first blush, the idea of celebrating St. Patrick's Day in the Caribbean sounds as incongruous as, say, a tropical shirt in Dublin. But while you'll find nary a green beer in the islands, and you're more likely to find cassava that potatoes, the Caribbean does have a few hot spots of Irish heritage and culture.

Caribbean Carnival Dates
Carnival dates for every island in the Caribbean.

2011 Caribbean Valentine's Day Deals

Warm up your winter with a romantic Valentine's Day getaway to the Caribbean with these 2011 deals that are sweeter than any box of chocolates!

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