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How to Plan a Trip to Carnival in the Caribbean


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Decide Whether You Want to Watch or "Play"
How to Plan a Trip to Carnival in the Caribbean

Messy late-night antics for "Red Ants" playing J'ouvert

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Assuming you've got a flight and a place to stay, attending Carnival on most Caribbean islands is a pretty simple affair: just show up for the parade and festival and join the party. On some islands -- notably Trinidad -- even tourists have the opportunity to dress up and join the Carnival jouvert and mas parades. It's not cheap -- costumes and tickets can run into the high hundreds of dollars -- but for the most authentic Carnival experience, reserve your costume early and hit de road with one of these Trinidad Mas Bands.

Even if you can't march on Monday or Tuesday Mas, there are plenty of pre-Carnival parties on Trinidad that rival the official events in decibels, intensity, and pure fun, including the annual party sponsored by cricket star Brian Lara and the newer LIME fete at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Port of Spain.

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