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Health and Safety - Caribbean Healthy Travel Information

The Caribbean is beautiful, but it ain't paradise. There's crime here like anywhere else, and tourists make a tempting target. Fun in the sun isn't all it's cracked up to be, either, if you end up with a blistering sunburn or sunstroke. Here's how to protect your health and stay safe while on your Caribbean vacation!

Tips on Staying Healthy and Avoiding Illness on Your Caribbea…
The food and water in the Caribbean is generally safe, but food-borne illnesses can happen anywhere. The Caribbean sun and surf also require special precautions, and while the threat of acquiring a tropical disease during your visit is minor, it never hurts to take some simple precautions against mosquito bites and other sources of disease. Here's some of my best advice for staying healthy on you…

Sex and the Beach: Caribbean Sex Guide
Guide, tips and information on the pleasures and perils of sex in the Caribbean.

Crime Prevention Resources and Tips for Caribbean Travelers
Petty crime is a fact of life in the Caribbean (as it is in the rest of the world), but sometimes visitors let down their guard when the sun is shining, the drinks are flowing, and most people you meet are warm and friendly. These articles can help you enjoy your Caribbean trip while still taking sensible precautions against becoming a victim of theft or violent crime.

Which Caribbean Islands are the Safest, Most Dangerous?
Crime information for Caribbean tourists, travelers and visitors, including current murder rates and information on property crime.

Caribbean Spring Break Travel Safety Tips
Caribbean travel safety tips for Spring Break travelers.

Caribbean Crime Warnings
Crime information, warnings and advice on each Caribbean nation, from the U.S. State Department's travel and tourism program.

Stay Safe in the Water on Your Caribbean Vacation
Tips on staying safe in the water while swimming or enjoying water sports during your Caribbean vacation.

Caribbean Murder Rates
Statistics comparing the murder rates in a number of Caribbean nations, for use by tourists planning a Caribbean vacation

Bahamas Spring Break Safety Tips
The U.S. Embassy in the Bahamas offers some excellent destination-specific safety tips for Spring Break visitors to the Bahamas or anyone visiting Nassau.

Stay Healthy on Your Caribbean Trip
Ten tips for healthy international travel that can save Caribbean visitors from illness, accidents, a trip to the hospital, or worse.

Stay Safe and Secure on Your Caribbean Vacation
Safety and security are always a concern when you travel, and a Caribbean vacation is no exception. It's a fine line between relaxing and letting your guard down, so while it's great to chill out and have a good time on your island adventure, there are a few sensible precautions you should take before leaving home and once you arrive at your destination.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites and Avoid Disease on Your Caribbean Trip
Preventing Dengue Fever, Malaria, and Other Mosquito Borne Illnesses on a Caribbean Trip.

Sun Safety - How to Stay Safe in the Sun to Prevent Skin Cancer
Excessive exposure to the sun and other sources of ultraviolet (UV) radiation is clearly associated with a higher risk of multiple forms of skin cancer. Here's some good advice on how to protect yourself from the Caribbean sun.

Mexico Travel Safety - Mexico Travel Safety Warnings and Information
Is it safe to travel to Mexico? It depends upon your destination, but the Mexican Caribbean is generally considered safe.

Travel First Aid Kit - What to Pack in Your Travel First Aid Kit
You'll want your own travel first aid kit - particularly on international trips - to eliminate the need for trips to a pharmacy (as well as to avoid any embarrassing medical mishaps on the road).

How to Prevent Traveler's Diarrhea
Some excellent advice on how to avoid gastrointestinal distress on your next trip to the Caribbean or anywhere else in the world.

Pacsafe Anti-theft Purses and Travel Gear
Pacsafe has a wide variety of theft-resistant travel products.

Caribbean Travel Health Information
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides a wealth of information on healthy travels, including country-by-country guides that include current travel warnings, information on safety and security, local diseases and health concerns, and preventative tips. Here you'll the CDC's travel health destination guides for the islands of the...

Don’t Let Pickpockets Steal Your Vacation Pleasure
Whether you’re traveling in New York, Rome or Sydney, street crime can be a problem. Pickpockets lurk in subway entrance tunnels and ride crowded buses, hoping for the perfect opportunity to swipe your wallet. Fortunately, you can foil most petty thieves by preparing in advance and understanding their tactics.

Caribbean Wildlife - Lizards, Iguanas, Cats and Other Animals at Caribbean...
Caribbean Wildlife - Lizards, Iguanas, Cats and Other Animals at Caribbean Resorts

Safety in Central America
If you’re interested in traveling to Central America, safety is probably your biggest concern. The region has a fairly recent history of conflict and violence. But the civil wars have ended. Is Central America’s lingering reputation deserved?

Women Travelers in Central America: Travel Safety
Whether they like it or not, female travelers tend to stand out in Central America, especially in less touristy regions. And while most women visit Central America without incident, certain extra precautions are necessary to ensure a safe trip.

Top 10 Foreign Taxi Safety Tips
Taxi safety is pretty simple and foreign taxis are generally perfectly safe, but bad things can happen.

Top Safety Tips for Women Travelers
It's a fact that women need to travel with a little special care; horror stories do exist and women, taught to have a care in life in general, can toss cares to the wind on vacation (like all travelers can) and lose that finely tuned caution edge that they keep honed on their own city streets.

Travel Health Insurance: Do I Need It?
Practical tips and advice for travelers deciding whether to purchase travel health insurance.

Staying Healthy While You Travel - How to Stay Healthy as You Travel
Whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, getting sick is probably not in your plans. While every illness may not be avoidable, there are some steps you can take to stay healthy while you travel.

How to Avoid Sand Flea Bites
Tips on avoiding bug bites from the Sugar Bay all-inclusive resort in St. Thomas.

Hurricane Safety - Hurricane Preparedness - Tropical Storm Safety
Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.

Earthquake Facts - An Overview of Earthquakes
Earthquakes are an occasional but still unfortunate fact of life in the Caribbean, as the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010 demonstrated.

Best Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes Biting
Five smart tips on preventing the little buggers from sucking you dry...

CDC's Traveler's Health Center
Health information and advice for Caribbean-bound travelers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Don't Let Mosquito Bites Spoil Your Tropical Travel
Travelers to tropical areas may be at risk for malaria, dengue fever or other infections spread by mosquito bites. You can take steps to prevent these diseases, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says.

Pan American Health Organization
Regional health tracking organization provides information on the aftermath of hurricanes and natural disasters as well as updates on tropical diseases that may affect your travel destination.

How to Avoid Identity Theft in the Caribbean
How to Avoid Identity Theft in the Caribbean

How to Skinnydip in the Caribbean
How to go skinny dipping on your Caribbean vacation

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