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Travel information on Guyana, a South American nation that nonetheless identifies more closely with the Caribbean; it's the only English-speaking nation in South America and belongs to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.
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Guyana Travel Guide
Georgetown, Guyana's capital, is a graceful blend of old and new mixed cultures and a wonderful gateway to the natural splendors of the only English speaking country in South America.

Georgetown, Guyana Travel Guide
Georgetown, the capital of Guyana, is almost fairy tale in appearance, thanks to the tree-lined streets (photo) and avenues and the quaint Dutch colonial and Victorian architecture stemming from its days as Dutch and English colonies.

Welcome to Surama Eco-Lodge
Small ecoresort in Guyana is operated by local tribespeople and allows up to eight guests to become fully immersed in Amerindian village life.

The Treasure of El Dorado - Discovering Demerara Rums from Guyana
Reviews of El Dorado Demerara Rums from Guyana, part of the South American Caribbean

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