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Plan a Family All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Pay One Price Caribbean Resorts for Families and Children


Plan a Family All-Inclusive Caribbean Vacation

Pirate's Paradise Water Park at the Sunset Beach Resort & Spa, Montego Bay, Jamaica

© Sunset Beach Resort & Spa
The key to picking a family friendly all-inclusive is relatively simple: find a resort that has lots of other families as guests. Many all-inclusives provide special children's programs, but such programs are only as good as the other children in them.

Jamaica has become an especially attractive destination for families, with all-inclusives like Beaches Boscobel, the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa, and the Sunset Jamaica Grande boasting full-scale water parks on property. Jamaican culture also is very family oriented, and nannies and other child-care staff at properties like the Franklyn D Resort win praise for their friendly and caring attitude towards children.

Beaches' resorts also offer a variety of activities featuring Sesame Street costumed characters, such as baking cookies with Cookie Monster and Story Time with Elmo; Crayola Art Camps; and Xbox 360 gaming centers for older kids.

The many activities offered onsite at all-inclusive resorts also help insure a pleasant family vacation; the kids never have a chance to get grumpy and bored.

Even the pickiest eater can find something they like to eat at an all-inclusive buffet, and kids are free to graze all day without running up a big tab for mom and dad.

Teenagers can be a tough sell for any family vacation, and while Beaches and other all-inclusives offer special teen programs -- such as teen-only nightclubs and excursions -- many older teens turn up their nose at such segregated activities. Families with teens may want to steer towards resorts that are active and energetic, such as the Cancun Palace.

As with families in general, the dining choices offered by all-inclusives appeal to family reunion groups. Moreover, all-inclusives "level the playing field" for families whose members come from different income brackets -- so you don't have one family holding back to save money on food while another splurges.

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