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Punta Cana Visitor's Guide

Travel, Vacation and Holiday Information on Punta Cana, Dominican Republic


Punta Cana Visitor's Guide

Dolphin Island off Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

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Punta Cana was built for tourism –- literally. The land that now makes up the Punta Cana-Bávaro-Veron-Macao municipal district was largely undeveloped until 1969, when several American investors and one Dominican entrepreneur bought up 30 miles of beachhead on the Dominican Republic's east coast.

The location is perfect for Caribbean beach resorts: Temperatures are moderate and steady, ranging from the low 70s to mid 80s year-round, and the stronger wind on the eastern side of the island makes it ideal for surfing, sailing, and other water sports.

The original "Punta Cana Club and Resort," finished in 1971, consisted of ten cabins and had room for 40 guests; 1978 saw the construction of the first Club Med in Punta Cana. This first mega-resort in the the area (with space for 350 guests) led to the expansion of the Punta Cana International Airport in 1981. Today, the airport is the Dominican Republic's busiest port of call, and the area is home to the biggest concentration of luxury and all-inclusive hotels in the Dominican Republic.

So while Punta Cana might not have the history of Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata, it does have first and foremost the relaxation and enjoyment of the tourist in mind. Chief attractions are the areas many beautiful golf courses, sunny beaches, horseback rides, dolphin encounters, and reef dives. And if that seems too de rigueur, pay a visit to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park Reserve, 1,500 acres of subtropical forest with over 500 species of flora and 11 freshwater lagoons you can dip your feet in. Its a perfect reminder of Punta Cana as it was before the resorts rolled in.

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