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Dominica destination guide, including our picks for the island's best budget and luxury hotels and resorts, restaurants, attractions, beaches, nightlife, events and shopping.
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Travel to the Caribbean: Dominica Island Guide
Dominica is the Caribbean for adventurers: lush, unspoiled and full of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Consider traveling to Dominica if you’re the type who gets bored at the beach and wants a variety of rugged hiking, scuba diving and snorkeling to keep yourself occupied. Don’t come here looking for casinos, white-sand...

Meet the Carib Indians of Dominica
The new Kalinago Cultural Centers offers visitors a chance to learn about the indigenous Carib Indians of Dominica.

Dominica Budget Travel Tips
Dominica (pronounced do-mi-NEE-ca) is not as developed for tourism as many of its island neighbors in the Eastern Caribbean. For the budget traveler, that is not necessarily a bad thing. What Dominica lacks in five-star resorts, it provides in gorgeous landscape, exciting recreation and friendly hosts. Prices are generally quite reasonable, making Dominica a good value for travelers on a budget.

Dominica Shore Excursion Options - Eastern Caribbean Cruise
For cruisers, here are some examples of possible shore excursions in Dominica.

Map of the Caribbean Island of Dominica
Map of the Caribbean Island of Dominica

Dominica Photo Gallery - Nature Island of the Eastern Caribbean
With a day in Dominica, you can go snorkeling, kayaking, hiking, or tubing down a river. Dominica is a beautiful volcanic island, and its natural sights such as rain forests, waterfalls, towering peaks, picturesque rivers, and volcanic activity are enough to make this a great port of call for cruise ships.

Dominica Consular Information Sheet
The U.S. State Department's fact sheet on Dominica, including information on entry requirements, crime, medical facilities, and much more.

Official Tourism Website of Dominica
Official website of the Dominica Division of Tourism.

Dominica Travel Guide - Hotels, Restaurants, Sightseeing in Dominica -
The New York Times' travel guide to Dominica.

Dominica Map
Map of the Caribbean Island of Dominica

CIA World Factbook on Dominica
Includes information on Dominica's geography, government, economy, transportation, military, and people.

Visit Dominica Blog
Blog covers both traveler information and local Dominica culture.

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