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Caribbean Cultures and People - Cultural Guide to the Caribbean

Information on the cultures, traditions, society, and history of the islands of the Caribbean.
  1. African History -- Slavery and the Slave Trade
  2. Caribbean Geneology
  3. Caribbean Literature
  4. Caribbean Music (14)
  5. French Caribbean Dialects
  6. Latin American History

A Brief History of Carnival in the Caribbean
The roots of Carnival lie in a mix of African culture, Christianity, and slavery.

Great Caribbean Beach Bars
Our Picks for the Best Beach Bars in the Caribbean

Caribbean Carnival Dates
Carnival dates for every island in the Caribbean.

Weekly Events in the Caribbean
List of Top Weekly Events in the Caribbean

Information on Rastafarianism, the religion most associated with Jamaica, dreadlocks, and reggae music.

Spanish Language: Learn Spanish grammar, vocabulary and culture
After English, Spanish is the language most commonly spoken in the Caribbean. Learn some basic travel phrases or much more here!

Free French Lessons - Learn, Speak, Teach French
St. Martin, St. Barts, French Guyana, Martinique and Guadeloupe are still departments of France, and French remains the primary language in these countries.

Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History
Caribbean Rum is the story of a New World invention--hard liquor distilled from sugar cane and byproducts--and its role in the European and African colonization of the American continents.

Learn About Dominica's Indigenous Carib Indians
The newly opened Kalinago Cultural Center allows visitors to Dominica to get an up-close look at the lives and traditions of the islands' 3,000-strong Caribs, known locally as the Kalinago people.

Ten Facts About Pirates
The so-called “Golden Age of Piracy” lasted from about 1700 to 1725. During this time, thousands of men (and women) turned to piracy as a way to make a living. It is known as the “Golden Age” because conditions were perfect for pirates to flourish, and many of the individuals we associate with piracy, such as Blackbeard, “Calico Jack” Rackham or “Black Bart” Roberts, were active during this time. Here are ten things you maybe did not know about these ruthless sea bandits!

Caribbean Lifestyle Groups
Caribbean Lifestyle Groups that embrace the culture, spirit, food and lifestyle of the tropical islands

Test your Caribbean IQ
A quick, fun quiz for Caribbean lovers.

Philanthropic Travel and Voluntourism
Philanthropic Travel and Voluntourism: Tips on Making a Real Difference When You Travel

Sandals Foundation contributes to the Caribbean people
Review of Sandals Foundation, the charitable arm of Sandals International in the Caribbean, a chain of all-inclusive Caribbean resorts.

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Biography of About.com Caribbean Travel contributing writer Christopher Curley

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Biography of travel writer Clint Brownfield

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Biography of Travel Writer Carolyn Clark

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Biography of About.com Caribbean for Visitors contributing writer Dan Ross.

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Biography of Caribbean for Visitors contributing writer Fran Kaplan.

Margot Weiss
The biography of About.com contributing writer Margot Weiss.

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Biography of travel writer Christine Curley.

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Biography of Travel Writer Liz Fleming

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Biography of Travel Writer Kim Foley MacKinnon

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Biography of freelance writer Chris Botta.

Central American/Caribbean Travel Blogs
A nice collection of travel blogs from Travelblogs.com, including individual visitors' experiences about islands throughout the Caribbean.

Caribbean Beat Blog
The blog of Caribbean Beat magazine covers arts and culture, lifestyle, and tourism.

Kingston Bookshop
Jamaica based bookstore that focuses on literature and nonfiction about the Caribbean.

Caribbean Beat Blog
Blog on Caribbean lifestyle, arts and society by the editors of Caribbean Beat magazine.

Caribbean Free Radio
Music, podcasts and more from Trinidad & Tobago.

Caribbean Travel News Blog
Frequently updated blog on travel news related to the Caribbean by Laura Sangster, owner of the Caribbean travel agency CaribbeanJourney.com

Biography of travel writer Jamie Coelho
Biography of travel writer Jamie Coelho

Franklin H. Williams Caribbean Culture Center
New York based cultural center that focuses on the African diaspora.

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West Indies Cricket Blog
The West Indies Cricket Blog is a fan site devoted to covering the game of cricket in the West Indies.

Island Art & Treasures
Caribbean themed original paintings and reproductions, prints, photography, calendars, art cards and gifts.

Au Courant in the Caribbean
Caribbean style and fashion blog by Trinidadian media personality L.M.N. Harris.

Jamrock Magazine
Lifestyle magazine covering the Caribbean-American community.

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Biography of Travel Writer Jennifer Bryarly

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