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Central American Caribbean Coast

Travel information on the Central American Caribbean coastal destination of Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Panama (and the Panama Canal).
  1. Belize (33)
  2. Costa Rica (15)
  3. Guatemala (5)
  4. Honduras (14)
  5. Nicaragua (5)
  6. Panama (11)

Central America Caribbean - The Central America Caribbean
The Central America Caribbean includes some of Central America's most popular destinations, like the Honduran Bay Islands and the Belizean coast, as well as some of the most remote. Every Central America country except El Salvador borders the Caribbean Sea: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. These coastal regions are a mix of Central American and Caribbean cultures, climates and topography, and the result is entirely unique.

Central America Islands - Islands in Central America
The second largest barrier reef in the world runs along Central America’s Caribbean side, and the warm waters thrive with remarkable marine life.

Safety in Central America
If you’re interested in traveling to Central America, safety is probably your biggest concern. The region has a fairly recent history of conflict and violence. But the civil wars have ended. Is Central America’s lingering reputation deserved?

Best Beaches in Central America
Although there is no end to this region's attractions, most travelers make a beeline straight to the best Central America beaches. Because of the isthmus's warm waters, flourishing marine life, and soft sands spanning two diverse coastlines, the epicenter of the Central America tourism industry is along the edges.

Scuba Diving in Central America - Central America Scuba Diving
Scuba divers, strap on your gear! From Costa Rica's Pacific coast to Belize's Caribbean cayes, Central America is an underwater extravaganza. Central America Scuba diving can be challenging enough for experienced Scuba divers; yet beginning Scuba divers are drawn to the inexpensive PADI Scuba diving courses in Central America, and the chance to behold National Geographic-worthy sights on one's very first dive.

Women Travelers in Central America: Travel Safety
Whether they like it or not, female travelers tend to stand out in Central America, especially in less touristy regions. And while most women visit Central America without incident, certain extra precautions are necessary to ensure a safe trip.

Central America Surfing - Surf Beaches and Breaks
With thousands of miles of coastline on two sides, the Central America isthmus is quickly becoming one of the world's top surfing destinations.

Central America Islands - Remote Islands in Central America
Many of Central America's islands are less frequented by tourists. While less tourism means less of a selection when it comes to accommodations and amenities, it also means uncrowded beaches, better wildlife viewing, and more local culture.

Nude Beaches in Central America
You're not the first traveler to wonder about nude beaches in Central America. Some are merely curious. Others want to take full advantage of the Central America sunshine. Still others are dedicated subscribers to the naturist lifestyle. No matter your motive, you're in luck. There are a number of Central America nude beaches spread throughout the region.

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