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Weather Information for Your Caribbean Vacation


Getting good weather is key to a great Caribbean vacation -- some destinations even "guarantee" sunshine and warm temperatures -- but Mother Nature sometimes has a way of dampening even the best-laid travel plans. Here are some great resources for improving the odds that your Caribbean trip includes sunny days and balmy nights...

How To Get the Best Weather on Your Caribbean Trip

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Weather can make or break your Caribbean vacation. Hurricanes and other storms aren't entirely predictable, but there are steps you can take to ensure that your trip is spent basking in the sun, not dodging raindrops!

Truths and Myths About Caribbean Weather

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Tropical storms and hurricanes obviously have a huge impact on Caribbean weather, especially between June and November. But most travelers overestimate the threat of hurricanes while overlooking other weather factors that can affect their trip.

Where to Get Weather Information for Your Caribbean Trip

Sunshine is the most common weather feature in the Caribbean, but the lush vegetation found on many Caribbean islands attests to the fact that it does sometimes rain, as well. For up-to-the-minute weather planning information for your Caribbean travels -- including alerts on hurricanes and tropical storms -- check out these regional and international weather resources.

Monthly Caribbean Travel Guides

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These month by month guides to the pros and cons of traveling to the Caribbean include information on hotel rates and airfare, weather, and events and festivals.

Caribbean Hurricane Guide

Yes, there are hurricanes every year in the Caribbean. Yes, these big storms sometimes hit land and disrupt vacations. No, you should not let hurricanes prevent you from taking a Caribbean trip, even during the height of hurricane season!

Caribbean Tropical Storm Guide

Hurricanes are not the only factor in determining whether you'll enjoy sun or rain during your Caribbean trip. Tropical storms, which sometimes grow into hurricanes, are also major weather features in the Caribbean.

More Caribbean Weather Information

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Hurricanes and tropical storms are the exception, not the rule, in Caribbean weather. The trade winds have a much larger effect on the region's weather, as does local geography.

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