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Hurricanes, tropical storms, the trade winds, and local geography all affect Caribbean weather. The storms get all the press but are least likely to affect your trip. Sunshine is by far the most common weather feature in the Caribbean!

Weather Information for Your Caribbean Vacation
Getting good weather is key to a great Caribbean vacation -- some destinations even "guarantee" sunshine and warm temperatures -- but Mother Nature sometimes has a way of dampening even the best-laid travel plans. Here are some great resources for improving the odds that your Caribbean trip includes sunny days and balmy nights...

Where to Get Weather Information for Your Caribbean Trip
Sunshine is the most common weather feature in the Caribbean, but the lush vegetation found on many Caribbean islands attests to the fact that it does sometimes rain, as well. For up-to-the-minute weather planning information for your Caribbean travels -- including alerts on hurricanes and tropical storms -- check out these regional and...

Get the Best Weather on Your Caribbean Trip
Six easy steps to planning a Caribbean vacation that's full of sun and fun, and avoids perils like hurricanes, tropical storms, and other weather hazards.

Caribbean Weather Guide
Post-Katrina, hurricanes are on everyone's mind. But while hurricanes are a fact of life in the Caribbean, the odds of a big storm ruining your vacation are quite small. Noted hurricane expert Bob Sheets helps explain why in my Caribbean weather guide, which also tells you about other weather factors to consider when planning your trip.

Hurricanes - What Are Hurricanes - Hurricane Facts
Every year, the National Weather Service receives an extraordinary number of requests for statistical information on hurricanes and tropical storm systems. Reporters, students, teachers, businesses, and emergency management professionals all have unique needs to gather and understand storm data. If you have ever wondered how hurricanes form, where hurricanes strike, and other facts about hurricanes, this is the place to start.

Caribbean Hurricane Guide
Yes, there are hurricanes every year in the Caribbean. Yes, thse big storms sometimes hit land and disrupt vacations. No, you should not let hurricanes prevent you from taking a Caribbean trip, even during the height of hurricane season!

Caribbean Tropical Storm Guide
Though not quite as powerful as hurricanes, tropical storms can still pack a punch in the Caribbean. They're more numerous than hurricanes, but like hurricanes they often die at sea and never affect populated islands.

Surviving a Hurricane
If you do happen to get caught in a hurricane during your Caribbean trip, About.com's First AId guide has some useful advice about surviving the experience and coping with the aftermath.

Hurricane Information and Preparedness
About.com's Florida travel guide has written a nice summary on how hurricanes form and a quick glossary of hurricane terms. The article also includes some preparedness tips ... it's useful information for Caribbean-bound travelers, since South Florida and the Caribbean share the same weather patterns.

Weather Articles - Weather Forecasts and News - Weather Science
Find information on hurricanes and other tropical weather on this About.com educational site.

Major Hurricanes - What Is a Major Hurricane?
A major hurricane is considered any hurricane that is a category 3, 4, or 5 on the Saffir-Simpson scale. On average, about 2 major hurricanes make landfall in the mainland United States every 3 years.

Hurricane Safety - Hurricane Preparedness - Tropical Storm Safety
Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.

More Caribbean Weather Factors
Hurricanes and tropical storms are the exception, not the rule, in Caribbean weather. The trade winds, which blow northeast from the coast of Africa across most of the Caribbean, have a much larger effect on the region's weather, as does local geography.

National Hurricane Center
This Miami-based center, part of the U.S. National Weather Service, is the premier information resource on Caribbean hurricanes.

Jeff Masters Tropical Weather Blog
Noted meteorologist keeps track of tropical storms and weather, including those affecting the Caribbean.

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