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SeaLife Underwater Cameras (DC600 and ReefMaster Mini)

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SeaLife Underwater Cameras (DC600 and ReefMaster Mini)

SeaLife DC600 digital underwater camera with optional flash

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The Bottom Line

I took advantage of a recent trip to the Caribbean to test drive these terrific cameras, which I found easy to use and several major cuts above disposable underwater cameras. Both are from SeaLife, a company lauded by Time magazine, which called its DC500 digital camera one of “The Most Amazing Inventions of 2005.”


  • Easy to use
  • 6.1 and 6.0 megapixel cameras ensure crisp photos
  • ReefMaster Mini exceptionally durable and rugged
  • DC600 top-end camera in SeaLife line
  • Big improvement over disposables


  • Carrying external flashes is cumbersome and bulky
  • Unless you scuba, staying underwater long enough to get good photos is difficult
  • Cost may be prohibitive unless you regularly take underwater photos


  • The slim DC600 (2.3” x 3.6” x1.1”) has an underwater polycarbonate shell, and rubber armored for sure-grip handling.
  • Easy-to-read-and-push buttons on the DC600 protective housing transfer commands to the camera.
  • The DC600's super macro auto-focus system permits close focus to within two inches of subject.
  • Both cameras come with “Spy Mode,” allowing you to take continuous photos at intervals of five seconds to 30 minutes.
  • The DC600 has virtually no shutter lag, with shutter response time as quick as .37 seconds,
  • The high-end DC600 also features all manner of exposure programs for underwater and on-land shooting.
  • The DC600 has a built-in flash but buy the optional external flash for the best exposure in murky settings.
  • The DC600 Elite Set includes external flash, wide angle lens and other accessories, all in a deluxe padded travel bag.
  • Both camera models feature video mode as well.
  • Price: ReefMaster Mini list price, $329.95; DC600, $549.95

Guide Review - SeaLife Underwater Cameras (DC600 and ReefMaster Mini)

If you travel to warm-weather climes and do any underwater exploration, sooner or later you may want a quality underwater camera to capture those moments of coming mask to face with interesting, colorful and occasionally scary aquatic creatures.

SeaLife’s new DC600 is a 6.1 megapixel beauty, easy to use and designed to take high-res images up to 200 feet underwater. If you’re going to go that deep, you’ll obviously be scuba diving and that’s the absolute best way to use high-end gear like this.

I was confined to snorkeling since I’m not scuba certified, and that’s a drawback. With a camera this exquisite, you want to languish in the briny deep, not hold your breath, dive down, hope for a photo, and then scurry back up when your lungs burn.

The ReefMaster Mini is a perfect take-along camera, compact, rugged and durable, for activities in and around water, and good to 130 feet. It features a unique land-and-sea exposure program so the camera automatically takes sharp, colorful pictures in a variety of applications.

SeaLife products are available online and at a variety of dive shops nationwide.

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 2 out of 5
Be carefull to purchase sealife cameras, Member Yevgenym

Please be carefull with purchasing Sealife cameras 2.5 years earlier , I purchased Sealife Dc600 Elite Set Last time camera start to make pictures in Negative format I turned to factory and asked them for camera reapairing They refused to do it and suggest me to buy new one It means that nothing to do with Underwater box that costs money My advise - be carefull with camera purchasing because to send expensive camera to garbage after 2.5 years , it is a worst deal

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