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Plan a Caribbean Trip


Planning a Caribbean vacation? Here's where to find all the information you'll need to book a flight (and save money doing it), find a hotel that's just right for you and your traveling companions, and pick the perfect island to match your dreams of tropical paradise.
  1. Getting Ready to Travel
  2. Airlines and Airfares
  3. Passports and Travel Documents
  4. Find the Right Vacation Destination
  1. Weather Planning
  2. When to Go: Monthly Travel Planning Guides
  3. Health and Safety
  4. All-Inclusive Resorts

Getting Ready to Travel

Excited for your trip? Great, but don't bolt out the door for the airport or cruise ship without making sure you've packed all you need and ensuring that things will be safe and sound when you return home!

Airlines and Airfares

American Airlines 777

You can get to the Caribbean by boat, but the vast majority of Caribbean visitors fly to their island destinations. Here's where you can find out all you need to know about flying to the Caribbean, including how to save money in the process.

Passports and Travel Documents

Most -- but not all -- Caribbean destinations require you to have a passport. Check here to find out what travel documents you'll need and how to get them in time for your trip.

Find the Right Vacation Destination

What's the Caribbean vacation of your dreams? With more than 7,000 islands to choose from, it's not always an easy decision. The good news is that -- short of skiing or ice skating -- the islands of the Caribbean offer something for everyone...

Weather Planning

Nothing puts a damper on a Caribbean vacation faster than an unexpected tropical storm or hurricane. Luckily, your odds of seeing sunshine throughout your Caribbean vacation are quite good, but there also are some things you can do before you leave to ensure that your plans don't get blown away.

When to Go: Monthly Travel Planning Guides

Know what month you want to travel to the Caribbean? These guides can tell you what kind of weather you can expect, how hard or easy it will be to get a room, when to get the best deals on travel, and all about the top events taking place in the islands during each month of the year.

Health and Safety

Safety comes first even when you are on vacation: Learn about how to stay safe and secure during your Caribbean travels, including advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime, staying safe in the water, and more.

All-Inclusive Resorts

All-inclusive resorts can be found on islands throughout the Caribbean, offering rooms, activities, food and drinks at one fixed price. If you like knowing the cost of your trip in advance, then an all-inclusive vacation may be for you. Plus, a growing number of upscale all-inclusives means that you can now choose from a wide range of vacations, whether your primary concern is budget or you want to indulge in a luxury Caribbean getaway without having to constantly reach for your wallet.

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