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What NOT to Do on a Caribbean Vacation

Don't let cultural faux pas, bad planning, or judgement errors ruin your trip


Don’t buy “ganga” in Jamaica or anywhere else.

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First of all, marijuana is illegal everywhere in the Caribbean. Second, you could be in big trouble is you forget your “leftovers” in your bags or try to bring some herb back home with you. And third: most crime in the Caribbean involves locals and drugs, not tourists. So why would you potentially involve yourself in danger while you are on vacation?

Don’t leave valuables in your rental car, room, or unattended on the beach.

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Don’t make a thief’s job so easy but leaving money, jewelry, or other property in plain sight. Carry them with you, lock them in the room safe, or put them in the trunk.

Don't assume that you drive on the right.

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In the U.S. Virgin Islands and the islands that are current or former members of the British commonwealth, like Barbados and the British Virgin Islands, driving is on the left. And don’t drive at all in Bermuda -- it’s illegal for non-residents unless you’re renting a moped or scooter.

Don’t spend your last dollar before you get to the airport.

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In some countries, you’ll need to pay a departure tax before you can board your flight home -- up to $40 in cash in some places. It sucks to have to beg your travel companions for cash or fork over a fee at the airport ATM, so plan ahead.

Don’t forget to relax!

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The Caribbean is no place for an overplanned vacation. Be sure to build plenty of beach or pool time into whatever itinerary you put together!

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