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How to Pack Light for a Week in the Caribbean


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Getting Started: Wear What You Don't Want to Pack
How to Pack Light for a Week in the Caribbean

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With almost all airlines charging an extra fee for checked baggage, travelers are trying harder than ever to stuff all they will need for a trip into a single carryon bag. That's hard to do when you need to pack parkas or ski gear, but luckily Caribbean travel demands mostly lightweight clothing that's relatively small and easy to pack.

The first thing you need to think about when packing light for a Caribbean trip is not what's in the bag, but what's going on your body. Always try to wear, not pack, your bulkiest items. No, this doesn't mean wearing five layers of clothes so you don't have to pack them! Rather, use common sense and dress for your flight in whatever warmer clothes you plan to bring for cooler evening activities in the islands: a sweatshirt, light jacket, or sports jacket on top, and a pair of casual-but-neat or dressy long pants on bottom. Also wear the most substantial shoes you plan to pack, whether they be dress shoes, sneakers, etc. See above for a typical "travel outfit" I like to wear when I'm heading to the Caribbean...

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