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Which Caribbean Islands are the Safest and Most Dangerous?

Crime and safety in the Caribbean


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Question: Which Caribbean Islands are the Safest and Most Dangerous?

Answer: The crime rate varies greatly from island to island, but the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin IslandsBonaire, and St. Barts are among the safest islands.

As in any destination that attracts large numbers of visitors, Caribbean tourists are sometimes targeted by petty thieves and con artists. Violent crime is usually confined to slums and due to gang and gun conflicts, and rarely impacts vacationers.

There are unfortunate exceptions, however. Aruba is generally safe, for example, but the disappearance of American tourist Natalee Holloway remains unsolved. High-profile attacks on tourists have occurred in recent years in Antigua, Nassau (Bahamas), and Trinidad and Tobago. Jamaica also has a high crime rate.

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