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Review of the Roco Ki Golf Course in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The Bottom 'Lie'

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The Faldo Legacy Course at Roki Ki is outrageous. It is stunning to look at, it is set within the natural beauty of the Dominican Republic and hovers along the cliffs at this still-developing resort.

Roco Ki Golf Course Experience

This course is a true hidden treasure, but the truth is I am not sure exactly what will become of it or where it is. You follow a bumpy road and you come out to an oasis of beauty. Green fairways, perfect greens, and views of the ocean that you could never afford all await you somewhere about 45 minutes from Punta Cana ... I think.

One day this resort will be grand, I’m sure that is the plan, but for now this golf course is waiting to be played amidst vacant home lots and precious expanses of white sand beaches. It’s like paradise waiting to be overdeveloped.

Take a deep breath before you tee off on 18th, the experience you are getting will one day be reserved for only the truly fortunate, I’m sure.

Roco Ki Golf Course Hole Highlights

Hole 4, Par 4 398 yards Strategy is key on this hole, as you have to consider going short off the tee because the hazards are abundant. Mangroves on the left, bunkers on the right, and a narrow opening to the green down the fairway.

Hole 17, Par 3 103 yards: This hole looks right out into the ocean and is among the best in the Dominican Republic. An easy wedge left out to the right will get pushed back into the center of the green. Oh, you can try to be a hero and go right at the flag, which will only get you in so much trouble that eventually you’ll end up taking an unplayable lie and writing down a 6 for a 100-yard par 3. Not that it happened to me.

Hole 18, Par 5 508 yards: This is what golf holes aspire to be. The normal hacker will carry the first bay and land in the fairway about 240 yards out. The second shot will carry across a second bay and leave you with an easy wedge into a green that is protected by more sand than you can find down on the beach. Two putts and you have par, right? Did I mention the wind? What about the undulating fairway and the scenery that nearly demands that you lose your concentration?

Roco Ki Golf Course Insights

This place is amazing and the golf course is quite scenic. The problem is that it is very remote and there are no real services available. Eventually you will be able to stay and play, but for now you drive up to an incredible looking clubhouse and sales office and then are whisked away to where, one day, there will be a beautiful pro shop and a scenic patio from which to watch the groups coming down the 18th fairway. All that you find right now, however, is an incredible golf course in the middle of a construction zone. That's the only thing holding Roko Ki from being a true five-star course...

Roco Ki Golf Course Specifics

Par 72

Black – 7152 yards

Gold – 6782 yards

Silver – 6344 yards

Jade – 5534 yards

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