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A Brief History of Carnival in the Caribbean - Caribbean Travel
A Brief History of Carnival celebrations in the Caribbean, which have their roots in African culture, Christianity, and slavery.
Caribbean Carnival history and culture - Caribbean Travel - About.com
A brief introduction to the history of Carnival in the Caribbean.
Jewish Caribbean - Jewish Heritage and History in the Caribbean
Information on Jewish heritage, customs, culture and history in the islands of the Caribbean.
Introduction to Latin Caribbean Culinary Tastes
Latin Caribbean Cuisine is an amazing blending of tropical tastes and ... To understand and appreciate it, you must first understand the history behind the food.
Real-Life Pirates of the Caribbean - Latin American History
We've all seen the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, gone on the ride at Disneyland and dressed like a pirate for Halloween. Therefore, we know all about ...
Pirates of the Caribbean History - The Disney Parks Ride
Get a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the history of Pirates of the Caribbean and the making of the legendary Disney theme park ride.
Latin American History: the Caribbean
The history of the Caribbean is a fascinating one, full of extraordinary characters and events. Outposts on Cuba and Hispaniola were crucial to the early Spanish ...
Caribbean Genealogy - Family History in the Caribbean & West Indies
Search for your Caribbean and West Indies ancestors in these genealogy and family history records, databases and resources for the Caribbean Islands ...
Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History - Book Review
Frederick H. Smith. 2005. Caribbean Rum: A Social and Economic History. ISBN 0-8130-2867-1. University Press of Florida. 247 pages, plus extensive notes, ...
Guide to Caribbean Archaeology - Introduction to Pre-Columbian ...
Introduction to the prehistory and archaeology of the Caribbean. Learn about the pre-Columbian history of the Caribbean Islands.
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