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Try Your Luck at the Caribbean's Top Casino and Gaming Destinations

Friday May 23, 2014

CPH-Casino.jpgWhether your game is blackjack, craps, roulette, or Caribbean Stud Poker, you'll find plenty of action in the islands -- well, some of the islands, anyway. Gambling isn't legal everywhere in the Caribbean, but there are a number of islands with multiple casinos competing for your vacation gambling dollars -- and offering the opportunity to pay for your whole trip with one lucky turn of the cards:

Top Caribbean Casino and Gaming Destinations

Dining Around San Juan During Saborea

Wednesday May 21, 2014

oliva-martinis.jpgDining in San Juan goes way beyond mofongo -- which is not to denigrate Puerto Rico's national dish in any way but merely to point out that this Caribbean capital city is a foodie favorite that's as diverse as it is innovative. During the recent Saborea food festival, writer Vanessa Query took the opportunity to indulge in a few local culinary hot spots helped by celebrity chefs who lent their talents to Saborea as well...

Dining Around San Juan During Saborea

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Stop at the Sweetest Shop in San Juan

Wednesday May 14, 2014

casa-cortes-sandwich.jpgA day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine, and we don't have too many of those in the Caribbean. The next time you find yourself strolling around Old San Juan, be sure to pop into the Cortes CocoBar for a grilled chocolate cheese sandwich or something else dark and sweet...

Cortes CocoBar: The Sweetest Shop in Old San Juan

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Shopping in Jamaica: Keeping It Real

Tuesday May 13, 2014

spotties.jpgWe've all got our weaknesses when it comes to junky souvenirs -- I'm a sucker for shell necklaces, myself. But there's so much more to shopping in Jamaica than the t-shirts and shot glasses you'll find ad infinitum at every gift shop on the island. Caribbean travel writer and shopping diva Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon shows you the best authentic Jamaican crafts and product that can buy locally and enjoy globally...

The Discerning Shopper's Souvenir Guide to Jamaica

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Experience Saborea, a Taste of Old and New Puerto Rico

Saturday May 10, 2014

saborea-puerto-rico-05b.jpgDerived from the Spanish word for "flavor," the annual Saborea food festival lives up to its name by serving up samples from some of Puerto Rico's top chefs, restaurants, vintners, and more:

Saborea: A Top Food Festival in Puerto Rico

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Discover Mofongo, Puerto Rico's Must-Try Food

Thursday May 8, 2014

mofongo-casa-lola-2.jpgHistory, tradition, flavor -- there's a lot that goes into mofongo, the quintessentially Puerto Rican soul food. Delightfully adaptable, mofongo starts with a shell made from fried green plantains but can go in nearly any direction after that. Whether you're visiting San Juan or anywhere else on the island, make time to visit a local restaurant and try Puerto Rico's national dish.

Discover Mofongo, Puerto Rico's Must-Try Food

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Chasing Down Panama Hats in Old San Juan

Wednesday May 7, 2014

panama-hats-ole-1.jpgAfter the beach and the pool bar, shopping is one of the most popular diversions for Caribbean travelers. San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the de facto capital city of the Caribbean and a major shopping destination both regionally and for tourists, in part because of the eclectic mix of unique shops found in Old San Juan, the city's historic center. An example is Olé Curiosidades on Calle Fortaleza, a hat shop that specializes in Panama hats from affordable to incredible. Travel writer Vanessa Query takes us inside to give us a feel for what a $3,000 hat is really like...

Chasing Down Panama Hats in Old San Juan

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Aruba Pumps Up the Volume on its Annual Carnival

Friday April 25, 2014

arubacarnival1.JPGAruba has been holding an annual Carnival celebration for 60 years, but there's so much else going on here that the party sometimes gets overlooked by visitors. But tourism officials are pouring new resources into Carnival for 2015 and beyond with an eye on getting more tourists to join the party, particularly in the island's second city, San Nicolas, which has been bruised by the up-and-down fortunes of its hometown oil refinery -- a big source of local jobs.

You can find a Carnival celebration in the Caribbean almost every month of the year, but with a new Carnival village, more parties and a renewed energy, you should mark your calendar for a spring 2015 trip to the Happy Island for its "Carnaval" celebration...

Carnaval: Aruba's Evolving Carnival Celebration

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(Photo © Aruba Tourism Authority)

Jamaica's Moon Dance Cliffs Resort

Thursday April 24, 2014

Moon Dance cliffs villaWhen even the staff raves about the beauty of a resort, it pays to listen. Like most places in Negril, the Moon Dance Cliffs resort sits high on a lofty perch over the sea, not on the beach. Guests can take a thrilling dive into a watery grotto (or hail a cab to Seven Mile Beach), lunch on a patio overlooking the crashing waves, or sample the local libations offered up by bartender Johnny Walker at this all-inclusive small resort that's a popular favorite for destination weddings and all manner of other romantic travelers.

Review of the Moon Dance Cliffs Resort

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Top New Reasons to Visit (or Revisit) Aruba

Wednesday April 23, 2014

Arikok National Park, ArubaAruba is the gift that keeps on giving -- no matter how often you visit, there's a new restaurant to try out, a new attraction to visit, a new corner of the island you overlooked. If you've never been to Aruba before, you'll never be bored; if you're a return visitor, here are some great new developments that should keep you coming back to the island for years to come:

Top New Reasons to Visit (or Revisit) Aruba

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